This is Me

Hi, I’m Ronald Corral, a wedding and portrait photographer and the brain behind Corral Photography. A people photographer you might say. Having been a graphic designer in my previous life since 2000, I’ve always enjoyed all the processes involved of creative communications, especially in photography.

How did my love of photography start?

I like to say that I’ve always had a fondess of being visually creative since I was a little kid. I remember drawing on walls then moving into watercolor, painting and charcoal drawing in my later years. In 1999 I enrolled for a Diploma in Graphic Design in College. One of the subjects was Photography 101. It wasn’t a comprehensive course but it was an excellent introduction to the medium. Besides learning the technical aspects of exposure and composition, it also introduced me to the process of developing black and white film, reading a negative, creating a photographic print and the process of dodging and burning. No Photoshop allowed back then. If I stuffed a print up, I was back to exposing light sensitive paper and going through the chemical baths in a darkroom. A process at times I do miss when the advent of digital photography arrived. So for the next few years my friend Canon AE-1 and I became good friends.

Why do I love photography?

A question that does not have a simple answer but something that I will attempt to explain in a few sentences.

The love of this particular craft is about artistically creating something different and immortalising a particular moment at that specific time. Events always happens around us. To some they are mundane, to others, transcendent. How wonderful to be able to capture a snippet of it, and with just one photograph, define that event.

To the viewer, akin to looking at a painting, each photograph can convey and illicit a feeling of nostalgia. It has the power to conjure emotions that may have been lost from memory, only to surface again by looking at a photograph. For me that is a powerful response and that is what attracted me to photography and why I love doing what I do.

My Approach

Having photographed weddings for other studios and thoroughly enjoying meeting people of all walks of life, I established Corral Photography in 2007. From then on my style and approach developed to what it is today. I’m a mixture of a fly-on-the-wall, unobtrusive, candid type photographer and in a blink of an eye, switch to very stylish and fashion photographer.

My approach to weddings are simple. To capture your day to the best of my ability, to deliver the images that completely tells the story of your day and to help you in anyway to achieve that.  I think it works and I hope you agree as well.



We would like to welcome you to Corral Photography, where we have been providing for your photographic needs since 2007. Our studio, located in Sydney, takes pride in our ability to blend fashion with both the contemporary and the more traditional styles of photography to create unique and memorable images of your special day.

The quality of our imagery is a direct reflection of our attention to detail and our desire to create the best photographs possible. From the initial consultation, right up to the moment we present the finished product to you, we want to ensure that you are receiving the best service that we can provide.
Together, we will discuss various options, plan your photo shoot and create beautiful and unique images that will truly represent your day.

We invite you to come and visit us at Corral Photography. View our latest work and let us introduce ourselves to you. Once you know that Corral Photography will fit your photographic needs, please contact us and let’s start planning the day that will leave lasting memories for a lifetime.

Serving all of Sydney, Interstate and beyond.

Corral Photography offers Sydney wedding photography coverage in the Sydney area, South-Eastern Sydney, South Western Sydney, Southern Sydney, Western Sydney and Greater Western Sydney. We also travel interstate and international. We are located close to Sydney CBD